1937 Jaguar Replica

Jack Pearce continues to modify his Replica of the 1937 Jaguar SS 100. Since his initial interview by Car Stories North, he has added the spare tire mount, relocated the gas tank filler and doubled up on the radiator in front for additional engine cooling capacity.

Under-hood-heat for the V8 Chevy engine needed to be reduced to the 180-190 degree range. The custom stainless steel bumpers -front and rear- are also new and the designs were a co-operative effort between Jack, a fabricator and some technology students from Georgian College in Barrie, Canada. The rear bumper helps support the spare tire as well. The rear tire mount system took some thought – but the solution he designed opened up the sizable trunk for travel storage and it balances the design of the whole car.

The Lexan windshield wings reduce the cockpit turbulence. The wind net he “Velcro’s” to the roll bar helps keep his wife’s sun hat on at highway speeds.

Jack keeps telling me this car is not intended to be an accurate reproduction – he knows historical Jaguar purists will object to his version. His goal was- and is, to have an enjoyable summer car that he can take anywhere in confidence. I really like the period style of the convertible top and side curtains that do a great job keeping them dry and warm in rain or cooler weather.

Interestingly, his extra radiator is separate from the main rad. He removed the heater and instead  connected the supplementary radiator to the heater hoses. He usually drives the car in summer only and the heater is not required. This seems like a simple solution for extra cooling – something I might consider for my old car too! A number of hot days in long traffic I have  opened up the heater to circulate more coolant to the system and bring engine temperature down.


Jack is a senior international level competitive Laser sailor. He was chosen as one of 38 sailors to compete in the 2017 World Senior Laser Championship in Croatia. He installed a pretty hefty trailer hitch on the rear  to haul his Laser sailboat on its trailer so he can drive his Replica Jaguar to sailing competitions. After teaching College math for 51 years, Jack now spends his days driving his car, international sailing and another of his hobbies – adding LED lighting to model cars, ships, trucks, service vehicles and railroad rolling stock – much of which he exports to other hobbyists.

This car along with his other hobbies keep Jack smiling and on the lookout for another challenge!

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