My Favourite Publications

I enjoy reading Old Autos ( This is a Canadian news print style publication that is published twice a month and is full of personal stories of cars, lots of photos and some terrific historical reports.

I like Old Autos because the people next door or down the road are featured in their stories. This is stuff I can relate to and it is the same approach I use at Car Stories North.

I also enjoy Hemmings Motor News and Hemmings Classic Cars ( These are magazines you can find  in many book outlets. It is very informative with in-depth historical notes of pioneers of motorized vehicles – mostly North American. Sometimes the stories show the development over the last century into this one and often highlight names from the past. The photos are excellent.

Another favourite of mine is Practical Classics ( This is a British magazine and has a “cast of characters” who engage in repair and restoration projects and often compete against each other with their repaired vehicles. Even though they feature mostly British cars, there are interesting articles that are well photographed, that show how to make repairs to older cars. You find words like wings (fenders), bodge (repaired badly) and other British expressions that make you scratch your head – wondering at the translation. Some of their repair projects don’t work out as well as they’d like. I particularly like the overarching philosophy of the magazine’s approach which encourages us to use our older vehicles – regularly – even in place of a second daily driver.